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Substitute Staff



Management of computer center operations.

Goden / alan


Anta (on Secondment to the Office of the Secretary)

1.Center Property Management and Maintenance.

2.Center archive regulations.
3.Center-related meeting,contact.

4.Center each semester on duty round table scheduled.

5.Computer Classroom Rental Management.

6.Send and receive documents and document system.

7.Apply for work-study students assigned hours.

8.Assistance Center budget system to apply for funding, execution.

9.Assist the school to implement the outcomes of intellectual property rights advocacy aggregated data, inventoried and reported to the Department.

10.Assist the center of each set of data aggregated.

11.Assistance Center for the relevant education and training

Erica / Sulian

Division of Library Resource Service (Leader)


1.Chinese, foreign language books collection, procurement and acceptance of business.

2.Ministry of Education subsidy budget control.

3.Development and revision of ISO and management documents.

4.The library automation system maintains calls and management.

5.Recommended system maintains calls and management. Books.

6.Library budget compilation and control.

7.Book loan alliance related matters.

8.Apply to co-ordinate and allocate time workers hours.

9.Coordination and distribution of part-time funds.

10.Community management (Line).

navil/ bonny

Division of Library Resource Service


1.Maintenance and management of collections (category 5-9).

2.Zone management: professional book area and license book area.

3.The management of overdue fines on books.

4.Off-campus readers' library card application and management.

5.Book circulation for overseas youth classes and intercollegiate students.

6.Maintenance and management of library access control security systems and electronic bulletin boards.

7.School history and founder's memorial room management, and reading room management.

8.Book return box and locker management.

9.Belongings management and maintenance.
Maintenance and management of the Institutional Repository system.


Division of Library Resource Service


1.Zone management: new book area and theme book area.

2.New book webpage display management.

3.Procurement, cataloging and management of lost books.

4.Inconvenient reader collection lending service.

5.Library introduction and guide document maintenance.

6.Assist in the collection of new books.

7.Official document distribution.

8.Preparation and contact for the meetings.

9.Document collection and arrangement.

Division of Library Resource Service


1.Maintenance and management of collections (category 0-4).

2.Zone management: comics, dissertations, designated reference books, teacher promotion books, reading selection books, etc.

3.Book circulation management and statistics.

4.Collection, cataloguing and maintenance of gift books and second-hand textbooks.

5.Dissertation upload review and cataloging.

6.Document delivery service.
7.Interlibrary loan service.
8.Search area computer management.

9.Maintenance and management of the certificate renewal system and monitoring system.

10.    Part-time student and volunteer management.


Division of Information Media Services (Leader)


1.Collection, procurement, cataloging and acceptance of electronic resources.

2.Usage statistics, maintenance and management of electronic resources.

3.Library resource teaching and promotion activities.

4.The school's Intellectual Property promotion results data collection and reporting to the Ministry of Education.

5.Library web portal update and maintenance.
Electronic resource integration retrieval system maintenance.

6.Community Management (FB, IG).

7.Indoor Air Quality Maintenance Management Specialist

8.Expert database construction and academic data exploration.

9.Other matters assigned

Division of Information Media Services


1.Journal collection, procurement and acceptance.

2.Journal collection cataloging and maintenance.
Maintenance and update the Union List of Serials.

3.Journal binding, management and statistics.

4.Cataloging, processing and maintenance of academic journals .

5.New arrival journals transfer to departmental office service.

6.Newspaper ordering, management and selection of important daily information.

7.Dr. Wang Yulin  Memorial Room Management.

8.Periodical reading area property management .

9.Electronic Journal Alert Management.

10.Maintenance and management of journal-intensive collection areas.

11.Other matters assigned


Division of Information Media Services


1.Collection, procurement and acceptance of audiovisual materials .

2.Circulation, processing, management and maintenance of audiovisual materials collections.

3.Seat control system maintenance and management..

4.Maintenance, distribution and management of audiovisual equipment.

5.Maintenance and management of campus video on demand video (VOD).

6.Podcast system construction, maintenance and management.

7.Audio-visual materials intensive collection area management..

8.Audiovisual room property management..

9.Overdue fines for audiovisual materials and photocopying fee management.

10.Discussion room system management and maintenance.

11.Photocopying service.

12.Other matters assigned


Division of program development (Leader)

B01 raw auxiliary (operation) management system
B02 School Loan Management System
B03 relief management system
B05 accommodation (lease) management system
B06 Weak student support system
B07 school accommodation management system
B08 generation fee management system
B09 Scholarship Management System
B15 Alumni Fee System
B16 Student Integrated Information System
B18 health check management system
B20 mentor operating system
B22 student activity sign in system
B25 home visit system
B26 student leave system
B27 labor education system
B99 derivative system
D10 Insurance Management System
D50 payroll management system
F05 registration fee management system
G02 Teacher Evaluation System (Service / Counseling)
L02 personal capital management system
Y04 School Research Database
ISO27001 audit business
Program deployment and management
Co-ordinate the development of school administration information system

Wilson / Sulian

Division of program development

A01 Student Status Management System
A05 performance management system
A52 Teaching Evaluation System
A85 fitness test system
B17 reading program system
B28 counseling counseling system
P5 psychological test management system

pin-xinlee / ochinyu3

Division of program development

A02 start management system
A03 elective management system
A04 course management system
A20 Academic Scholarship System
F06 Hour Fee System
A53 Nursing Practice Assessment System
A54 internship management system
M01 foreign students system
P12 internship volunteer optional system


Division of program development

C06 Site Rental Management System Expansion
B13 commuter car / bus system
C03 steam locomotive pass application system
C04 Property Management System
C05 article management system
C06 Site Rental Management System
C08 mailing system
C09 residence application system
C10 official car application system
C11 space management system
C13 repair management system
C15 procurement announcement system
C16 procurement acceptance system
C17 marquee system
C99 General Services
Oracle database management
SQLServer database management
LDAP account exception special application

kochinyu3 /pin-xinlee

Division of program development

A10 network registration and student questionnaire system
A81 enrollment management system
B31 students participate in the competition survey system
G02 Teacher Evaluation System (Teaching / Research)
G12 excellent teacher selection system
G21 Regulatory Database System
K04 Hongguang Journal submission system
L01 web production system
P13 Hiromitsu e-pass (APP)
P17 learning coaching and remedial teaching system
T01 promotion management system
T02 TQC registration fee management system
Y06 Information Query Station Management System
System Group Management System
Create font update

Sulian / Su59jen

Division of program development


Division of program development

C01 cashier management system
C02 deduction management system
F01 Budget Management System
F02 General Ledger Management System
F04 pocket gold system
F10 cost system
G06 Research Program Management System
SQLServer database management
Oracle database management
F02 General Ledger Management System
F04 petrol system
F06 hourly fee system
F10 cost system
G06 Research Program Management System
SQL Server database management
Oracle Database Management


Division of program development

D11 technical database
D60 Program Staffing System
G04 Employment Aid Management System
G09 research papers reward system
G10 career planning gas station
G13 overall development funding management system
H02 teach Zhuo test management system
P01 communication platform management system
P04 career evaluation index system
P06 certificate graduation qualification examination
P09 job site links and feedback
P11 conference management system
P12 internship volunteer optional system
U01 student intern restaurant management system
E-Portfolio (including teacher blog)
Knowledge Management System (KM)
Graduates e-mail flow to the questionnaire system
Program group owned job management
Student learning effectiveness system
School extension system

Goden / Mia

Division of program development

B23 community management system
B29 class will record system
B30 student reward and punishment reporting system
D01 personnel management system
D02 Organization Management System
D03 part-time teacher hiring system
D04 appointment and removal relocation management system
D05 reward and punishment management system
D07 School Activities / Courses System
D08 holiday management system
D13 personnel assessment system
D20 Human Resources System
G01 school basic database system
H03 School Development Project Management Examination
N01 audit management system
Y03 map information management system
Education and training park
Deploy operations and management
Net shared architecture development

Su59jen /Goden

Division of system service (Leader)

Planning and construction of security equipment
Social engineering exercises
Capital management system to promote
Comprehensive budget
Weighing system services business
ISO27001 system to promote
The procurement and maintenance of the contract time control
DNS maintenance and management
Disaster recovery exercise
Monitoring system
Host room control system
Firewall settings and management
Access control system management
National Product Awards related matters
ISO 27001 implementation
To promote the relevant matters

smile wind

Division of system service

Home website management
Construction and management of the public website of each unit
E-learning system operation (a customer, wisdom master)
Podcast system operation
Coinage system
Information station maintenance
iLC, ishare system consultation
Center page maintenance
Center equipment borrowing and management
Disposal and management of scrap property
A Survey of Satisfaction Degree of
ISO 27001 implementation
To promote the relevant matters
Computer maintenance vendor management


Division of system service

Backup system
Digital teaching with the whole VM (including the wisdom of the master, podcast, founder of the system of hardware maintenance)
SSL digital certificate
Office 365 management
Ctrix management
TV broadcast maintenance
Host Host Maintenance
VM Viewer maintenance
KMS system maintenance
Management of students
Computer classroom management (that is, the evaluation of the evaluation, computer B-class examination and TQC)
SmartWAF (web firewall)
3D printing classroom maintenance and management
To promote the relevant matters


Division of system service

VMware Virtualization Host
Blade host (IBM and HP)
LDAP management
Faculty e-mail system
Unit e-mail system
Disk array (HP and IBM)
SAN switch management
IBM QuickPlace
Hiroshi Gmail management
Room management
Host vulnerability scanning
ISO 27001 implementation
To promote the relevant matters
Student e-mail system