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The library occupies of four of seven stories of the Library-Information Building , with a total floor space of 6,214 square meters.The library consists of Chinese and Foreign Language book collections, a periodical area, a reference area, a special collection and an audio-visual center. The library presently holds than 271,687 volumes and over 2,215 kinds of periodicals. All of the above resources are located in unrestricted areas. The library also provides the following services: book exchange, reference, inquiry, guidance for library accessibility, copying and library cooperation. In order to offer the best service of audio-visual facilities, the library has variety of audio-visual instruments, including videotapes for teaching, audiotapes and slides. The library also provides media guidance and inquiry service and individual and small group audio-visual facilities. Our aim is for teachers and students to make good use of audio-visual aides and instruments.To meet the needs of academic teaching and research and to provide and faculty and students with the most updated facilities, the library supplies e-resources and Database online services. Thus, everyone can seek and acquire the data of the library system. Therefore, the library is capable of meeting the faculties’ and students’ academic needs.To improve the quality and efficiency of library services, we have embarked on computerizing our catalogue, circulation, consultation, and purchasing systems. All students and faculty are encouraged to take advantage of our library resources.


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