Job Title Email Name Responsibilities extension
Director LIN ,PEI RONG Management of Office of Library and Information Services operations。 2350
Group leader CHEN,SHU-PING 1.Management of Knowledge Operations Group
2.Ministry of Education subsidy budget control.
3.Coordination and distribution of part-time funds.。
4.The school’s Intellectual Property promotion results data collection and reporting to the Ministry of Education.。
5.Apply for work-study students assigned hours.。
6. Books and Journal collection, procurement and acceptance of business.
7. The library automation, Recommended system maintains calls and management.
Librarian CHEN,YI-LING 1.Maintenance and management of book collections.
2.Zone management: new book area、comics、reading selection books、professional book、license book、topic book。
3.Book circulation for overseas youth classes and intercollegiate students.
4.Reading room management.
5.The management of overdue fines on books.
6.Search area computer management.
7.Collection and maintenance of donated books and second-hand textbooks.
8.Maintenance and management of library entrance security system, temporary reading card replacement system, monitoring system and electronic bulletin board.
Librarian Position wanted 1.Collection, procurement and acceptance of audiovisual materials .
2.Journal collection cataloging and acceptance.
3.Maintenance and management of School History Room。
4.Seat control system maintenance and management.
5.Maintenance and management of campus video on demand video (VOD).
6.Maintenance and update the Union List of Serials.
7.Newspaper ordering, management and selection of important daily information.
8.Community management (Line、FB、IG).
9.Organization’s personal data management.
Librarian YU,SHU-TING 1.Collection, procurement, cataloging and acceptance of electronic resources.
2.Usage statistics, maintenance and management of electronic resources.
3.Library web portal update and maintenance.
4.Hungkuang scholars maintains calls and management
5.Zone management: graduation album、dissertations and promotion books。
6.Nationwide Document Delivery Service。
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