Borrowing & Circulation

1. Borrowing privileges are granted to faculty of Hungkuang University and the students as well.
2. All patrons should use their own valid library card to borrow library items.
3. Borrowing Privileges

Status Total No. of Items Loan Periods(days)
Teacher/Staff 30 45
Graduate Student/Part-time teacher 20 30
Undergraduate Student 15 15
Intern 15 30
Extension 15 15


4. Newspapers,Public presentation materials are all limited for use in the library.

The books you borrowed should be returned at the circulation desk in our library.

1. You can renew the books by online process, through phoning us or bringing your own valid library card to the circulation desk. All the renewal processes should be done by yourself.
2. Please notice that it is not allowed to renew the books if the following conditions happened:
(1) Each item was overdue.
(2) The item is reserved by anyone else.
(3) The item has renewed for once.
(4) The user’s borrowing privilege is temporarily locked. For example, the overdue fines have been unpaid.

Online Reservation
1. Online requests are only accepted if the item has been borrowed by another user.
2. The maximum quota of online reservation is 5 items for each user.
3. The library will send a circulation message to remind the user of the returned request item. User could check the e-mail to make sure to avoid missing the notice.
4. Each requested item returned will be held for 5 working days only. The item will be moved to the next requester or back to the library stack if the first one doesn’t get the item during the limited period.

Overdue Items
1. Please return all checked out items on or before the due date, or it will be fined NT$5 each item for a day. The overdue fines will be cumulated day by day until the item has been returned to the library.
2. Users with overdue fines couldn’t check out, renew or reserve any item.

Lost or Damaged Items and compensation
1. Users should report lost materials to the library immediately if any item is marked, damaged or lost, and are liable for compensation to replace it. If users cannot acquire the same book, they may replace the lost item with the latest edition.
2. If the lost item cannot be bought, users must pay for the double price. Compensation for books with no published price will be estimated by page number. 500 dollars are required for compensation for each DVD.

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