Central Taiwan College Libraries Association

Application Qualification

    Currently enrolled students and full-time faculty/staff can apply for borrowing cards. Borrowers should check out materials in person.

Reciprocal Libraries

Libraries The number of people allowed
Faculty Graduate students General students
1.Da-Yeh University

2.Chung Shan Medical University

3.China Medical University

4.Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology

5.National Chung Hsing University

6.National Taichung Institute of Technology

7.National Taichung University

8.Asia University

9.Tunghai University

10.Chienkuo Technology University

11.National Chi Nan University

12.Feng ChiaUniversity

13.Chaoyang University of Technology

14.National Chin-Yi University of Technology

15.National Changhua University of Education

16.Providence University

17.Ling Tung University

18.National United University

10 people per school 10 people per school 30 people per school

Application Procedures
      1.  First of all, please contact us and register in the System before applying for a borrowing  card, and you’ll be noticed the result by an email after we’ve confirmed your data.

  1. After receiving an email notification, enter the system to select schools, and each applicant can make an online application for two schools at most.
  2. The second email notice will be sent after librarians have confirmed the data.
  3. Submit one recent photo of 1.85*2.54 cm. in person to the Circulation Desk on first floor of Hungkuang University Library in five days to acquire Association Borrowing Card and the application form, otherwise you’re considered to abandon the application.
  4. Present your valid student/faculty ID card, ID with photo and the application form to the Circulation Desk of the association library to login data. You may start to use the library resources once the application procedures have been completed.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Association Borrowing Card is valid within one year (from September 1  to the  August 31 of the next year),uniformly expires at the end of each school year (August 31). If application is in the same semester as the applicant’s graduation date, the validity of the card will be until April 30.
  2. The loan quantity is three books per association library.
  3. The loan period is 21 days. Renewal and reservationare not available.
  4. Fines of each overdue item will be charged 5 NT dollars per day.
  5. Library staff can request for books in urgent situations.
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