* E-Resources Integrated System(Enter Website)

There are three main sources for the collection and construction of electronic resources in libraries:

(1)E-books: Authors or professional publishers use electronic digital systems to edit and typeset digital content of published content and store them in various electronic storage media. These electronic media can be circulated through traditional channels, or through The Internet delivers digital content to readers’ digital reading devices.

(2)Electronic journals: are continuous publications published in electronic form, whether they are in the form of CD-ROM, network communication or direct connection, they are continuous and planned long-term publishers in data publication. It can be regarded as an electronic journal.

(3)Electronic database: It is an information system that organizes and enters the information of a specific collection range into a database system, and is designed to provide an information system for querying bibliographic or content information with an interface.

You can catching e-resources by browsing or searching.



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